The Most User-Friendly Board of Directors Portal

A highly-rated board software solution can increase board of directors` productivity, automate essential processes, and help to evolve and drive business growth. So, what are they? 

Board portals: transition to virtual collaboration

Good corporate governance is the most important factor in the success of any organization. The board of directors struggles to communicate effectively since each member deals with many important tasks. In this case, board portals are unique platforms or software designed to support business operations. The tools create a streamlined work process that improves communication and facilitate task management for in-office and remote board members. 

Paperless board meeting software is a web-based device designed to provide a safe and reliable, easy way to create and share whiteboard materials with panelists and learn and communicate using an iPad, phone, laptop, or computer.

In addition, the board portal reduces the time it takes to assemble meeting papers to minutes. Once published, board members will receive a notification, who can then confirm or cancel their participation. Any new material or changes to the agenda may also be sent to you by notification. Following, beyond board meetings, the software can save time by:

  • Carrying out board evaluations with the digital survey tool

  • Create actions to remind board members to complete them on time

  • Create digital minutes from the agenda, simplifying the process while creating a topic history.

Directors can also view the analysis in a virtual meeting room. These statistics allow you to see deficiencies in the processes quickly and, as a result, correct them before it’s too late. Besides, analysts help see a better picture and understand if the company is developing as fast as expected.

The top of highly-rated board portals

Today’s market offers a variety of solutions, but choosing a reliable and secure digital conference room is half the way to a successful collaboration. When selecting a conference hall, it is necessary to pay attention to its peculiarities and characteristics. A quality board platform for meetings and project management should be 100% safe, convenient and secure. An easy-to-use website and online information exchange are other advantages of the proven virtual conference hall. So, according to reviews of the most popular websites, the highly-rated board portals include:

  • Diligent

The software product eliminates paper documents from the business process and creates a secure collaborative environment, increases the speed of decision making, supports remote access, and provides transparency of corporate governance for the regulator, shareholders, and business owners. Thanks to information security measures, all participants in corporate governance business processes can work with confidential documents and express opinions, comments, and comments about moving from issue to decision consistently.

  • BoarsPaq

The solution provides full-fledged work with questions and instructions, safe work with documents and materials based on the results of executive meetings, the possibility of electronic voting using electronic signatures, etc. The system is designed for large and medium-sized businesses, private equity funds, and government agencies.

  • Boardmaps

BoardMaps ensures the preparation of issues and draft decisions, their preliminary discussion, and inclusion in the agenda of a meeting of a collegial body – the board of directors, committee, or board. Meetings can be held in the form of personal presence (including videoconferencing) and absentia; in any case, BoardMaps supports legally effective electronic voting procedures, automated preparation of meeting minutes, and its approval.